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Cosmetic dentistry

White Fillings

Composite is an cosmetic white filling material that comes in a variety of shades to allow us to match it to the colour of your teeth. In many situations, composite can be used as an cosmetic alternative to grey amalgam fillings. When teeth are filled with composite, the material is bonded to your tooth. This can help to reinforce the strength of the remaining tooth structure. As we are not purely relying on the shape of cavities to retain the composite, we can be more conservative when preparing teeth meaning less tooth is required to be drilled away.

Metal-Free Crowns

As technology has advanced, we are now able to provide completely metal-free cosmetic crowns that are strong enough to be used in the back of the mouth. Traditionally, cosmetic crowns in this area have had a metal substructure, requiring more tooth preparation or dentists have advised for metal-only crowns to be placed. The newer generation of metal-free crowns mean we have to remove less tooth to achieve our goals and still are able to provide you with the result you desire.”

Tooth Coloured Onlays

Onlays are sometimes referred to as partial-crowns. This is because the preparation technique can be less aggressive then that required of a full crown. They rely on a careful use of special bonding agents to help them stay in place. They can provide patients with a beautiful restoration with a minimal amount of reduction of your tooth. Not all situations are suitable and your dentist will be able to advise you if this is a possible option for your situation.’


Veneers are been provided for many years to enhance the appearance of patients teeth. These are often compared to a ‘false-fingernail’ for the tooth. The thin porcelain covering can be used to help change the shape and colour of your teeth. Modern techniques allow us to use minimal reduction to provide the result you desire. The covering is specially bonded onto the tooth to help it stay in place. Not all situations are suitable for porcelain veneers. Your dentist will be able to discuss appropriate options for you.’

Composite Bonding

Composite is an aesthetic material that can be used to restore teeth and enhance their appearance. As this material can be bonded to the tooth surface it allows us to be more conservative in the preparation of your teeth, meaning less or in some situations no tooth substance is required to be drilled away.

This technique is valuable for people suffering from tooth surface loss due to destructive dietary choices, grinding habits, acid reflux disorders, or simply through wear and tear over time. In these situations the teeth are already worn down and in some cases cutting the teeth down further for crowns or veneers can further compromise the long term prognosis of the teeth.

Composite bonding to the teeth at the front of your mouth can sometimes be done without the need for any injections and can be completed in a single visit; so you walk out of the surgery with an immediate enhanced smile.